Debt Forgiveness

When you’re knee deep in debt and starting to panic about how you will ever make all your repayments it is understandable that you might start dreaming of debt forgiveness – that maybe one day your lenders might just write to you and tell you not to worry about your debt after all, or that …

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The Debt Clock

The debt clock is not just a metaphor – there actually is a real debt clock running on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. The national debt clock (as it’s formally known) is a clock that shows a running total of the United State’s gross national debt. This is shown in a dot-matrix display that constantly updates …

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The World Bank

The World Bank is an international financial institution which lends money to developing countries so that they can carry out capital programmes – building the infrastructure necessary for society, economy or enterprise to operate. This might mean things like cars, roads, homes, council tax,power grids and other physical structures; or it might mean things like …

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