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9 June 2011

Is it Worth Taking Out a Student Loan?

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Student Loan
If you are living in the US and considering getting further education in a university then you are facing a difficult decision that will effect the rest of your life. On the one hand attending a university will in theory improve your prospects and lead to a higher paid job and a brighter financial future, it also offers great life experience and many people will say that the best years of their life were while studying and having fun at University. On the other hand though it also means several more years without earning any income toward getting on the property market, and it means taking out a huge loan that could leave you in a lot of debt. So is it worth taking out student loans and putting off the ‘real world’? Is it a smart financial decision?
When you take out student loans this normally means taking out a lot of money. Unless you come from a wealthy family then you will struggle to pay the college tuition fees as well as the living costs that attending a university or college involve. This then of course means that college students will graduate to inherit debt of $20,000 …

10 May 2011

The Importance of Calculating Your Debt and Finances

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Calculating Your Debt and Finances
So you’re in debt and you’re having a difficult time keeping up with your repayments. It might feel like you’re ‘in over your head’ and gasping for air, and it may seem as though there’s nothing you can do to get yourself out of that hole. However a lot of the problem here is not getting a perspective on the problem and really quantifying the situation your in. The point then is that many people simply don’t know how much debt they’re in or how much interest they’re going to pay. At the same time they don’t know how much money they need on a day to day basis or what money they have coming in even. This then leaves them unable to come up with an action plan or solution to their debt problems, and means they are more likely to make mistakes that land them in more debt.
Thus it is important to calculate your debt and to make a note of all the other relevant numbers you’re working with. This means making some time to do some basic accounting, but by calculating your debt and keeping track of your income and outgoings it …

26 April 2011

US Personal Debt Statistics

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Us Personal Debt Statistics
We all know that countries across the world are currently struggling with a lot of debt at the moment. We’re in a time of financial crisis and it’s no surprise that this has also affected the individual and that we are all in a lot of debt personally too. Here we will look at the US personal debt statistics as according to the 2010 census statistics. It is a worrying insight into just how much debt the average American is in, but also perhaps shadenfreude for some who might feel relieved to know that US personal debt statistics suggest that they’re not that much worse off than their neighbours…
The first of our US personal debt statistics related to what’s called ‘consumer debt’. This means consumer credit that does not include real estate. Rather this covers all of the rest of our US personal debt statistics coming from student loans, automobile loans, credit and more. This consumer debt comes to a total of 2.4 trillion dollars across Americans, and according to the census that means roughly $7,800 for every single individual. Of course we have to remember with US personal debt statistics that these are averages effected by …

23 February 2011

Three Countries With the Most Debt

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Three Countries With the Most Debt
When you think of debt you might normally think about your mortgage, your student loan, or the bank loan you took out to buy that car. However the amount of money owed by individuals is truly very small when compared to the huge debt owed by many countries. With the economic crisis as serious as it is now, many countries owe huge amounts of ‘external debt’ meaning they have huge amounts of public (public debt meaning debt owed by the government) and private debt (debt owned by individuals, households and private companies) – plus interest – that they owe to non-residents – organisations, individuals and governments in other countries.
To put this in perspective, the United States currently has a gross external debt of $13.45 trillion which really makes most mortgages seem not that bad in comparison. However the number alone really doesn’t mean that much as owing that much money is fine as long as you have the resources to pay it off. This is why the best way to calculate a countries debt is to look at the debt to GDP ratio where ‘GDP’ stands for ‘Gross Domestic Product’. Sometimes called ‘GDI’ – …

13 January 2011

Welcome To Debt And Us

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Welcome to Debt and Us. We hope you will enjoy our website and give us a lot of feedback. Thanks

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