March 2011

Some Money Saving Tips

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Some Money Saving Tips
We all want to be wealthy, but how do you define what wealth is? Is it your monthly income? Is it the capital you have sitting in the bank? Is it your assets such as your properties… or is it in fact just a state of mind? In reality your wealth is probably just how much disposable income you have – in other words the amount of money you have spare to spend on things, plus the amount of capital you have in the bank. That’s what enables you to live a wealthy lifestyle, and it’s what enables you to be able to pay off your debt etc and not worry about not being able to pay your gas bill or your next .
There’s one way you can improve your disposable income and your capital without necessarily getting a job as a highly paid lawyer or CEO – and that’s to save. By saving for debt you can make sure you never have to worry about not being able to pay back loans, and by putting money aside you’ll have money to put in the bank for a rainy day or so you can afford …

February 2011

Three Countries With the Most Debt

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Three Countries With the Most Debt
When you think of debt you might normally think about your mortgage, your student loan, or the bank loan you took out to buy that car. However the amount of money owed by individuals is truly very small when compared to the huge debt owed by many countries. With the economic crisis as serious as it is now, many countries owe huge amounts of ‘external debt’ meaning they have huge amounts of public (public debt meaning debt owed by the government) and private debt (debt owned by individuals, households and private companies) – plus interest – that they owe to non-residents – organisations, individuals and governments in other countries.
To put this in perspective, the United States currently has a gross external debt of $13.45 trillion which really makes most mortgages seem not that bad in comparison. However the number alone really doesn’t mean that much as owing that much money is fine as long as you have the resources to pay it off. This is why the best way to calculate a countries debt is to look at the debt to GDP ratio where ‘GDP’ stands for ‘Gross Domestic Product’. Sometimes called ‘GDI’ – …

January 2011

Welcome To Debt And Us

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Welcome to Debt and Us. We hope you will enjoy our website and give us a lot of feedback. Thanks

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