July 2012

Cheaper Ways to Run Your Car

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Cheaper Ways to Run Your Car
If you’re in debt then you need to look for every opportunity to save money. One way to do that is simply to run your car more cheaply and this can be a big drain on resources otherwise. But how can you do that? Here we will look at some cheaper ways to run your car.
First of all think about the cost of the car itself, if you’ve had to take out an auto loan or buy it on finance then this will only add to your debt and that’s not smart. A better alternative is to buy second hand, or if you don’t want a second hand car, to rent a vehicle which involves similar monthly payments to renting but without your being ‘in debt’. Think too about things like MOT and tax and make sure that you pick a car that’s reliable so won’t cost you too much in servicing, but that isn’t going to cost you over the moon in tax (older cars often have much lower tax and in some cases you won’t even need to pay tax at all).
Some areas are worth investing in though – for instance getting a …

November 2011

Changing Your Thinking

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Changing Your Thinking
If you are currently struggling with debt problems, then it is very important that you start saving money and stop living the same luxurious lifestyle that you may be used to. Debt problems are highly serious and paying these back need to become the priority – certainly the priority over inflating your DVD collection or that 3D TV. A change in thinking may be necessary then to change the way you look at and value your money and to change the way you gather it, and if you are smart then you can still live a great lifestyle within your new means. By simply changing your habits and your way of thinking it is possible to think yourself out of debt – and even to think yourself rich.
The first thing to change about your thinking when faced with debt problems is to try and become less materialistic. Of course this is easier said than done – we all know we should be less materialistic we just don’t necessarily succeed in changing. If you struggle to let go of that impulse to buy however then try to think of it this way – a few high quality objects will …

October 2011

How to Save Money On Gas

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Save Money On Gas
There are many little drains on our money and lots of ways that we find ourselves losing cash. One of the biggest drains on our finances is gas money, and there are many ways you can save money on gas. Here we will look at how to go about running your car for cheaper so you can save more money toward paying off your debt.
Change Cars: There are lots of cars that can help you to save money and choosing wisely will prove a great investment. Things to look for here are a good kilometers to the gallon, a smaller engine, a lighter/smaller vehicle and a car with fewer fuel-draining bells and whistles. Of course if you want a real investment of a vehicle then you should go the whole hog and choose the electric car/hybrid car route which uses an alternative energy source to save your gas.
Use it for Driving: There are lots of features in cars these days from radios to heaters for the seats. If you want to save money though then you shouldn’t use them as all of them will use up energy and that means gas. Your air conditioning is probably pretty …

June 2011

5 Expenses You Can Cut Today

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5 Expenses You Can Cut Today
If you are struggling with debt then there are many ways you can cut expenses for living and find yourself with a lot more available income. This can make a huge difference to your financial situation and help you to pay back loans or to put money aside for a rainy day. Here we will look at ways to cut expenses right away that will make a big difference to your life.

Kick the Habit: Whether you smoke, drink or have another vice, kicking a bad habit can be a fantastic way to cut expenses considerably. There are many other reasons to give up smoking of course, such as the social and health implications, but the finances are often mistakenly overlooked. If you want some motivation to help you stop killing yourself, then put the money you save each week to one side or even increase your debt repayments.

Walk: One way that you can cut expenses to a very high degree is to get rid of your car and start walking more places. For many this might seem like an extreme step, but the financial boons are difficult to ignore as you will …

May 2011

Selling Your Items

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Selling Your Items
Budgeting is all very good and well and a great way to increase your finances and to improve your chances of paying back debt, but sometimes it can seem like a rather passive way to build up money. Something a little more active then, is to start selling your items, and if you have a large amount of debt this is a very good way to start repairing your finances and improving your chances of paying it all back.
The first thing you need to do when selling your items is to choose the items you are going to sell. While you don’t want to go overboard and start selling your items that have sentimental value to you, or that aren’t going to make you much money, almost all of us have things we don’t need or use and that could together make a significant difference to your finances. If you only sell enough to pay off one debt repayment, then that will still be a debt repayment less for you to worry about.
When selling your items there are some possessions that people commonly sell, and which of these you choose to sell will depend partly on how …