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20 September 2011

Debt Quotes

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Debt Quotes
Quotes are like a wellspring of wisdom – the collected musings of great minds throughout the generations from various walks of life and points in history. By looking at the quotes that have survived the test of time we can see which views have most struck a chord on a range of topics.
Debt quotes are no different and are very enlightening on the subject of debt. There are a vast range of debt quotes that look at the subject from all angles – some are quotes from politicians explaining and debating their current national debt. Others look at the effects of debt on life, while yet others use debt poetically as a metaphor. There are many forms of debt as these debt quotes show us and not all of these are necessarily negative.
Collected below are a selection of very varied debt quotes that help us to look at debt in a different way, or to see the effect it has had on these famous characters throughout history. If nothing else, reading the following debt quotes should help you to rest assured that you are not alone in your debt.
A man in debt is so far a slave – Ralph …