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23 April 2013

The Quickest Way To Get Out Of Debt

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The Quickest Way To Get Out Of Debt
Once you’ve fallen into financial difficulties then the worst possible thing that you can do is to do what most other people in the same situation do – panic. They become stressed, they get angry, they blame everyone else but themselves. They blame the sales person for tricking them into buying their brand new 50inch plasma TV, which they couldn’t pay for outright so had to make up a payment plan on finance. They blame their partners for being too frugal with their cash and for not planning for the future. They blame the banks for not giving them any leeway on paying their latest bill. And then they’ll probably even blame their employer for not paying them enough money for the great job that they do, or that they don’t provide them with enough overtime opportunities.
After you’ve vented all of your frustration and anger at the world and society, there’s one of two things you can do. Nothing – that is to sit and dwell on your poor misfortune and to let the debt rack up and simply do nothing about it, because you’re too angry or too mournful to do anything …

17 April 2013

How to earn money every time you spend money

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How to earn money every time you spend money
Can’t get your head around the title? It can be slightly difficult to understand this bit of advice – you can actually make money from spending money. Surely this goes against everything you’ve been told – if you want to save money, then you have to not spend as much and cut back! Sure, this is in part true, but there are some times when you do need to spend. Everyone needs food, clothes and shelter, and these aren’t free (I feel slightly envious of our ancestors who had these things for free, and didn’t need a real “job”!)
Anyway, the principle behind this idea is that any necessary, regular spending that you do have, you carry out on a cashback credit card. Perhaps this piece of advice is even more alarming then the first – using a credit card to save yourself money! Well, we can assure you we’ve not gone crazy and this is a completely genuine and legitimate way to make (or save yourself) quite a lot of money each year.
A cashback credit card, you probably aren’t too surprised to hear, is a credit card which pays you cashback on …

9 April 2013

5 Ways To Ruin Your Credit Rating

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5 Ways To Ruin Your Credit Rating
Your credit rating is oh so important in todays financial climate, even more important than it was 5 or 10 years ago – and even back then it was very important to have a good one. Back then financial companies and institutions were a lot more carefree with exactly whom  they chose to give their money to, but they still would’ve checked your credit score. Try going into a bank and asking for a loan or applying for a new credit card and they’ll probably scrutinise your own credit rating with a magnifying glass and a highly suspicious mind.
These financial services have decided to not lend out as much money as they previously did, for fear of the whole backlash from the regulators. They’ll only give out money to people with squeaky clean appearances, secure jobs, and a history of paying off any loans or debts way before any deadlines. Basically if you have any blemishes on your credit check then they’ll  want to stay a million miles from you.
So what is this rating and how can you go about improving it? Firstly you should apply for a check to see what kind of …

26 March 2013

5 Ways To Get Invaluable Free IRS Tax Advice

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5 Ways To Get Invaluable Free IRS Tax Advice
With many issues people are always willing to give free advice to help a friend out. This can be a good thing – if you want to know what car to get next, you can be sure one of your mates will have an opinion to give. If you’re stuck about where to go next on holiday then I’m certain just about anyone will be able to recommend you somewhere to visit. However if you’re having some tax difficulties, most people’s eyes will probably glaze over and they’ll shift uncomfortably before trying to change the subject.
It can be a tricky subject to give advice on after all. Not only is tax boring and stressful but its not something that just anyone can give advice on – unless of course they’re an expert. That’s where tax advice differs from advice on your next car, or your next holiday. It’s quite important (after all you can get in all sorts of trouble if you fail to declare tax or do something wrong with your money). You can’t exactly go wrong when choosing a car (unless you buy a French one of course!) whereas you …

19 March 2013

How Not To Plan For Your Retirement

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How Not To Plan For Your Retirement
Okay so we don’t want to patronize you here. You’re at our website, reading an article about finance and retirement planning so you’re probably quite an intelligent kind of person, willing to spend some of your time researching ways to improve the size of your retirement funds and therefore quality of life.
Many people get a bit down when they are forced to think of their retirement. It is after-all a time where you will be planning for your life winding down, not being able (or not wanting) to have to work so you can enjoy life a little more. We don’t want to get you too worried about it but its quite an important factor to be looking at regardless of your current age.
Planning for your retirement doesn’t have to be a time of worry or concern. For many it is simply a case of making use of a works own pension fund plan. Many companies  have a pension plan whereby if you sacrifice 5% of your earnings every month the company you work for will match this 5% with their own money, effectively allowing you to set 10% of your wages aside every …

12 March 2013

Why You Will Struggle Saving Money In 2013

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Why You Will Struggle Saving Money In 2013
2013 will be a very difficult year for the majority whilst a year of opportunity for a select few. In times of financial difficulty times great opportunities for talented entrepreneurs and businesses, and unfortunately if you don’t come into the later bracket then you’ll be looking at simply keeping yourself and your family afloat, saving as much money as you possibly can.
It can be quite severe to break things down quite as bluntly as this, but at the end of the day its likely this will be the outcome. People will either be struggling to make ends meet in 2013 or they’ll be starting up new ventures or expanding into new areas. There’s no shame in simply putting money aside and trying to gain security for your family – after all this is human nature.
So to cut to the chase. Why will you end up struggling to save money in 2013? To put it quite simply, the banks and suchlike can’t make as much money as they once did, by investing your money on commodities and other markets, and so they can’t offer you the kind of interest rates that you could have …

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