5 Best Ways To Make Money From Home

 5 Best Ways To Make Money From Home
5 Best Ways To Make Money From Home


Everyone’s looking at ways of making a bit of extra money on the side of their normal 9-5 job, and really when you take a look at society and the way things are going then who can blame them? We’ve been involved in discovering the 5 best ways to make extra money from home and have discussed them below for your own use. Read and take action!


1. Selling your old possessions

Its crazy how many things the average household can collect without even realising it. Take a look around your room now (if you’re at home, use your imagination if not). I bet there’s loads of things you can see which you don’t really use. Perhaps you’ve got a massive collection of DVD’s that are just collecting dust on your shelves. Or an old games console. Maybe some books on the bookshelf that you’ve already read. Whatever it is, you know for sure that you’ll be able to find a buyer online. Just list your item on the Amazon marketplace, or eBay if you prefer. If you’re not silly about your pricing you’ll find a seller.


2.  Selling other people’s possessions

Don’t have anything  to sell? Get creative. Offer a house clearance service – where you offer to clear out old junk. Sure, lots of it will be junk. But you can guarantee that you’ll uncover some things which are sellable, and you’ll have picked these up for free. If you don’t fancy this, try offering to sell other people’s items. Arrange a price to sell, then sell at a higher rate online and pocket the difference. You could target people without internet access, or without the time, or patience, to list items online and take to the post office.


3. Offering a service

Similar to above, what could you do which is of a help to other people? Are you keen on dogs, in which case you could offer dog walking in your local area. Perhaps you don’t mind a bit of exercise walking – in which case leaflet or flyer delivery would be great for you. Do you have any other skills, maybe you’re good with computers, or enjoy gardening. Get thinking, decide on a service and put up some adverts in local shop windows. You’ll be surprised how much extra money this can bring in.


4. Paid surveys

There are lots of online based market research companies who are willing to pay for your opinion on various products and services. There are a lot of scam sites out there, so our advice is never to pay to join a survey site – they want your opinion after all, and they’ll pay you, so don’t hand any money over. You can earn around $5 per survey completed, which can take around 30 minutes. Although it won’t make you rich, you can join several survey sites and boost your income gradually.


5. Freelance writing

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a writer? There are loads of ways to make extra money from home working as a freelance article writer. You can write articles for other websites and blogs, or could even write your own novel, or ebook, which is now really simple to publish through marketplaces like the Kindle one. Imagine being able to make a name for yourself as a write, earning money from doing something you probably already love to do.


Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought regarding other ways to bring in some extra cash whilst working from home. Choose an idea, and give it a go. If it doesn’t work then no big loss – just move on to the next until you find something you’re happy with, and which helps you to pay the bills!