5 Expenses You Can Cut Today

5 Expenses You Can Cut Today
5 Expenses You Can Cut Today

If you are struggling with debt then there are many ways you can cut expenses for living and find yourself with a lot more available income. This can make a huge difference to your financial situation and help you to pay back loans or to put money aside for a rainy day. Here we will look at ways to cut expenses right away that will make a big difference to your life.

Kick the Habit: Whether you smoke, drink or have another vice, kicking a bad habit can be a fantastic way to cut expenses considerably. There are many other reasons to give up smoking of course, such as the social and health implications, but the finances are often mistakenly overlooked. If you want some motivation to help you stop killing yourself, then put the money you save each week to one side or even increase your debt repayments.

Walk: One way that you can cut expenses to a very high degree is to get rid of your car and start walking more places. For many this might seem like an extreme step, but the financial boons are difficult to ignore as you will save money on petrol, insurance, tax and your MOT and you’ll make a lot of money on selling the car too. There are more benefits to this too – for instance you’ll get more exercise walking and you’ll help reduce your carbon footprint.

Buy Value Food: Almost every supermarket has an ‘own brand’ that it sells for a reduced price. Often these value options aren’t as tasty or as well packaged, but does this really matter if it only going in your cooking or if its something bland like rice or pasta? Promising yourself to buy value for all of your condiments, flavorings and carbs is a great way to cut expenses and you’re unlikely to notice much difference in flavor.

Turn Off: We all have lots of direct debits coming out of our accounts that we don’t need, and one of the biggest culprits is extra television channels. Likely you pay for a ‘package’ of about 30 extra stations and will watch about two of these on a regular basis. It can go. Likewise do you really need your Xbox Live account? The great news is that by turning off the television and computer you can spend more time as a family or out getting exercise as well as it being a great way to cut expenses.

Make Gifts: We all love lavishing our loved ones with expensive gifts, but if you’re in a lot of debt this is an unnecessary waste of money and a lot of stress. Certainly the adults of any household at least can benefit from making a pact to make gifts or to do something nice together rather than spending a lot of money for Christmases and birthdays. Not only will this cut expenses but you’ll also find you put more time and effort into your gifts and that you have memories that are more valuable than gold jewelry or CDs.

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  1. My fiancee always buys the value brand. They taste the same as the high cost name brands. Plus they are often made by the same company. so really on name brands you are just paying for the name.

  2. I make a lot of my gifts already. I just got done making some scarves for my nieces for Christmas this year. Last year they all got the fleece blankets. It really does save you money when you make the gifts.

  3. These expenses “you can cut today” can be taken care of easily. Thanks for the tips.

    My favorite expense cut is walking instead of driving a car. Or you can use the public transportation. It should still be cheaper than driving a car.

  4. Posts about the expenses you can cut today are always helpful. They come in handy for anyone willing to save some money. Not to mention that now it is all about saving money. We are going through a difficult period so your post about “5 expenses you can cut today “is very helpful. We all thank you for the ideas.

  5. I buy cheaper cuts of meat. This is a great way for my family to save money. We use 80% burger instead of the 90% and just make sure to rinse in cold water to get off the extra fat. It really does help use save some money.

  6. There are many possibilities to cut expenses and save money. The greatest one in my opinion is to walk. Walking instead of driving the car is a good way to cut expenses and eventually save money. Not even is good for your pocket but is good for your health too. Instead of driving the car to work, better walk to.

  7. I too think that the best way to cut expenses and save money is to walk instead of driving your car. Walking is good for your health and for the environment, not only for your pocket because you cut expenses and save money. Everybody should walk at least 30 minutes a day.

    I think we should make a walking day. We should make a day when everybody should stop driving and just walk.

  8. I only buy store brands. I refuse to buy the expensive brands. Why pay the extra money for the same thing? It just does not make sense.

  9. You know…I agree with you in many ways. But you really impressed me with something. I treasure every moment spent with my beloved one. For us isn’t important how much expensive is the gift we make to each other or how much money we spend. More important is every gesture of affection we make and all the happy moments we live together. So, I do not have to think on how I can cut expenses by not buying gifts to my love, because not something material brings us together.

  10. These ideas of how to cut expenses must be taken into consideration. They all make you to save some money but they come with something extra too. For example, if you choose to walk instead of driving your car it’s a way to save some money, but is also a way to stop hurting so much the environment. Stop making expensive gifts to your beloved one is a way to cut expenses but you can also choose instead of it to spend more time together which is more important than something material. You must see all the good parts of things…

  11. Kicking the habit is indeed a fantastic way to cut expenses. But what happens with those who cannot do this? There are many people who cannot quit smoking for example. I do not understand them anyway. How can you spend money on something that hurts you? I would be glad to hear that there are people who were able to cut expenses by kicking their bad habits.

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