12 thoughts on “Welcome To Debt And Us”

  1. This is such a great site. I am glad that I have found it. Years ago I struggled with debt. If I had access to a site like this then maybe it would have done me some good. I hope it helps many people.

  2. Thanks for making this site. I think that it is a nice way for people to get control of the debt they may have. Or a way to have learn about it. I will be recommending it to many!

  3. Just found this site and I love it. I have had issues with my credit cards and think it is good to learn about debt. Thanks for developing the site and as Rich said I will recommend it to others.

  4. Great site you have formed here. It is important for all of us to know how to get out of debt if we are in it or how to stay out of it. I will visit this site all the time to stay ahead so I do not drown in my own debt. Thanks so much.

  5. Great site here. I will visit it often. I have been in debt before and do not want to get there again. You have some good advice here.

  6. Great site you have here. I think that everyone can use some form of advice on debt. This is the perfect site for this. I will visit often and recommend it to others.

  7. What a great site here. I do not have a lot of debt myself and I never want a lot either. So this site is a great way for me to keep my head above the water. Great job on it.

  8. What a site. It has helped me out a lot. Learn about debt and how to manage it. Great job.

  9. This is a great site. I have enjoyed commenting on each blog so far. I will try to remember to come back. Some great tips on here.

  10. Nice site you have built here. A great way to find out about debt. And do something about it. Good job.

  11. Great site you have here. I love being able to help myself get out of debt. I am doing my research. SO glad I stumbled upon your site.

  12. Love love love this site. It is going to help many. Getting out of debt is hard work. But sites like this are here to help.

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