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10 November 2011

Earning Money After Your Retirement

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Earning Money After Your Retirement
Once you enter retirement you can find yourself in a very different financial situation. Now you will have money from your savings, and probably from your pension, but you will no longer have your usual salary that you have become used to and you will no longer be able to increase this amount by progressing normally through your career.
Sometimes then all this is not enough and you need to find other ways of earning money after your retirement. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean that your debt will go away and it doesn’t necessarily mean that life is going to get any cheaper, but unfortunately once you’ve reached that retirement age you might struggle to find work. Here we will look at some ways of earning money after your retirement.
Work Online: Working online is perfectly suited to earning money after your retirement. If you find online work then this will mean you can work without leaving the home and in fact no one need ever even know your age. You can then write for web sites, create your own web site, or make money selling books through the Kindle and Print On Demand publishing. There are …

1 November 2011

Changing Your Thinking

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Changing Your Thinking
If you are currently struggling with debt problems, then it is very important that you start saving money and stop living the same luxurious lifestyle that you may be used to. Debt problems are highly serious and paying these back need to become the priority – certainly the priority over inflating your DVD collection or that 3D TV. A change in thinking may be necessary then to change the way you look at and value your money and to change the way you gather it, and if you are smart then you can still live a great lifestyle within your new means. By simply changing your habits and your way of thinking it is possible to think yourself out of debt – and even to think yourself rich.
The first thing to change about your thinking when faced with debt problems is to try and become less materialistic. Of course this is easier said than done – we all know we should be less materialistic we just don’t necessarily succeed in changing. If you struggle to let go of that impulse to buy however then try to think of it this way – a few high quality objects will …

26 October 2011

Bouncing Checks and Debits

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Bouncing Checks And Debits
Debt problems are many and unfortunately their very nature means that they are self perpetuating. The more dire your financial situation becomes, the more it will tend to spiral out of control and the more problems can stack out. One such problem is bouncing checks and direct debits/standing orders. Once these are put in motion you have essentially entered into an agreement and if you then don’t have the sufficient funds for the transfer you will often find that you are penalized with bank fees (‘admin fees’) and often by the company on the receiving end of the transaction too.
These can then mount up, and you can end up paying hundreds in bank fees at a time when you really can’t afford the extra charge. So what can you do?
One thing is to make sure that you are always familiar with how much money is in your account. Keep a cash book and write all your income and outgoings in there so you can monitor your situation (and give checks and payments a few days to clear). Meanwhile check online and at ATMs regularly to avoid bouncing checks and direct debits. If you don’t have enough then …

13 October 2011


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Bankruptcy is a word with a lot of bad connotations and it’s one that most of us who are currently in debt will cringe at the sound of. However understanding bankruptcy reveals it not to be all bad and when you fully grasp how it works then you may in fact be able to use it as a way to combat your debt and improve your overall financial situation. Bankruptcy is not a mark of failure, it is rather a tool for you to employ to your ultimate benefit.
Essentially when you declare bankruptcy it means that you are proclaiming yourself unable to pay off your debts. You are in other words losing more money than you are earning and your financial situation is gradually getting worse rather than better as you would hope. Allowing this to continue of course is not in anyone’s best interests as the lenders would never get paid and you would plunge deeper into debt. Bankruptcy then is a way of waving a white flag and finding a way out as a result.
When you file for bankruptcy the state will then look at what to do with your existing debt and how to pay this off. …

6 October 2011

How to Save Money On Gas

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Save Money On Gas
There are many little drains on our money and lots of ways that we find ourselves losing cash. One of the biggest drains on our finances is gas money, and there are many ways you can save money on gas. Here we will look at how to go about running your car for cheaper so you can save more money toward paying off your debt.
Change Cars: There are lots of cars that can help you to save money and choosing wisely will prove a great investment. Things to look for here are a good kilometers to the gallon, a smaller engine, a lighter/smaller vehicle and a car with fewer fuel-draining bells and whistles. Of course if you want a real investment of a vehicle then you should go the whole hog and choose the electric car/hybrid car route which uses an alternative energy source to save your gas.
Use it for Driving: There are lots of features in cars these days from radios to heaters for the seats. If you want to save money though then you shouldn’t use them as all of them will use up energy and that means gas. Your air conditioning is probably pretty …

28 September 2011

Debt Plan

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Debt Plan
If you find yourself in debt then there is one thing that can help you – and that’s having a plan. With a debt plan you can start to plot a trajectory to get yourself out of debt and to start improving your financial situation. If you come up with an in-depth debt plan that takes into account the facts and figures of your current financial crisis (such as your budget for food and daily living, your current income, the interest on your existing debt etc) then you can stick exactly to this plan and you should be able to predict the precise date by which you will have escaped debt. Of course life doesn’t always go to plan, so it’s important to keep this plan flexible and to keep re-addressing it.
Another kind of debt plan is a ‘debt management plan’, which is also known as a ‘DMP’. A debt management plan is a type of debt plan created for you by a third party organization. In cases where your debt is out of control, a DMP will involve a third party organization that looks at your debts and assesses your income and current budgets. This helps you to …

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