How to Save Money On Gas

Save Money On Gas
Save Money On Gas

There are many little drains on our money and lots of ways that we find ourselves losing cash. One of the biggest drains on our finances is gas money, and there are many ways you can save money on gas. Here we will look at how to go about running your car for cheaper so you can save more money toward paying off your debt.

Change Cars: There are lots of cars that can help you to save money and choosing wisely will prove a great investment. Things to look for here are a good kilometers to the gallon, a smaller engine, a lighter/smaller vehicle and a car with fewer fuel-draining bells and whistles. Of course if you want a real investment of a vehicle then you should go the whole hog and choose the electric car/hybrid car route which uses an alternative energy source to save your gas.

Use it for Driving: There are lots of features in cars these days from radios to heaters for the seats. If you want to save money though then you shouldn’t use them as all of them will use up energy and that means gas. Your air conditioning is probably pretty important to stop you falling asleep, but other than that it’s all superfluous.

Lighten Up: Another way to save money is to lighten your load. The more you have to carry around in your car the more fuel you’ll use up. So take out anything unnecessary from your boot (most of us drive around with a load of junk in there or on the back seat). If you want to go the whole hog then you can also benefit from stripping your car of your other unnecessary interior aspects and change your seats for plastic ones for more speed, fuel efficiency and a racing aesthetic.

Close Your Windows: Closing your windows while driving on the motorway is an important way to save gas money. Why? Because the windows being open will otherwise make the car less aerodynamic meaning you need to use more fuel to reach the same speed.

Get Up Early: Fill your car early in the morning or late, late at night. This will save you money because the cold air will cause a chemical reaction in the gas meaning you get slightly more for you buck. It’s not much, but over time it will add up and you’ll save money.

Drive Right: There are ways to drive that will save you more money than others. Look up a ‘defensive driving course’ or an ‘efficient driving course’ and either will teach you to drive while using up the minimum amount of fuel. The key things to remember are to avoid breaking whenever possible, and to certainly avoid completely stopping. This means hanging back and leaving space between you and the car in front, and it means staying alert and keeping your eyes fixed ahead on the road.

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  1. These are very important tips on ohow to save money on gas. I can’t think of any better tips than these. I always drive without extra weight in my car. Also, I know about eco driving, which is also extremely important.

    Nowadays, it’s a big thing to know how to save money on gas.

  2. It is great to know how to save money on gas. However, it would be best to avoid using your personal car. Try using the public transportation system. When you really need your car, apply the “how to save money on gas” advice. You will see that you will pay less.

  3. Maybe someone should write a book, if it’s not already in stores. Everyone wants to know how to save money on gas. And that kind of money can be enough to pay some of your debts.

    Anyway, I love your post. Now I know how to save money on gas.

  4. Actually it’s not that difficult. Everyone can think about how to save money on gas. You just need to think.
    Even I do know how to save money on gas and I’m a woman, for gods sake! And I’ve been driving for less than 1 year!

  5. One of the best tips on how to save money on gas is the last one. If you drive right you will definitely save money because you will consume a smaller quantity of gas. There are many ways of driving efficient. Avoiding breaking and stopping are some of them. Try to inform yourself about this and you will see after you follow these tips that you will truly save some money.

  6. The best way to save money on gas is to drive a small car, a car which consumes a small quantity of gas. Why you need to have a big car in the city? You don’t need that. It is just if you want to stand out. But if you think to save money on gas you don’t need a car like this. You just need a car to drive it wherever you need to.

  7. I agree with nr.3 – Mihnea. You should really write a book. These tips on how to save money on gas are truly helpful. And yes, everyone is interested in this. Especially on this crisis. So, a book with tips on how to save money on gas would be a best seller I guess. 😀

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