Debt Plan

Debt Plan
Debt Plan

If you find yourself in debt then there is one thing that can help you – and that’s having a plan. With a debt plan you can start to plot a trajectory to get yourself out of debt and to start improving your financial situation. If you come up with an in-depth debt plan that takes into account the facts and figures of your current financial crisis (such as your budget for food and daily living, your current income, the interest on your existing debt etc) then you can stick exactly to this plan and you should be able to predict the precise date by which you will have escaped debt. Of course life doesn’t always go to plan, so it’s important to keep this plan flexible and to keep re-addressing it.

Another kind of debt plan is a ‘debt management plan’, which is also known as a ‘DMP’. A debt management plan is a type of debt plan created for you by a third party organization. In cases where your debt is out of control, a DMP will involve a third party organization that looks at your debts and assesses your income and current budgets. This helps you to come up with a more professional debt plan that you can put your faith in, but it also takes this one step further as the DMP company will be able to re-negotiate interest rates and repayment schemes with your lenders. This then means that your debt can become more manageable and more tailored to suit your current finances. Of course the only downside of this plan is that the DMP company themselves will often require paying which means you are losing money (which you would not if you had tried to organize your own debt plan – and bear in mind you might also be able to re-negotiate the interest rates and repayment plan yourself if you get in touch with the lenders). Fortunately there are some DMP organizations that will provide you with your debt plan free of charge – charities and government agencies for instance.

Finally the term ‘debt plan’ might refer to the plan that you come up with when you initially take out your loan. Of course a prevention is better than a cure and so if you have a plan going into your debt this is preferable to using emergency measures once you are knee deep in debt. To prevent this problem, calculate how much debt you can afford before taking out any loans, and look into ways you can make this more manageable. When you agree your loan repayment schemes, make sure that you can make all your payments and that you find the lenders with the lowest interest rates.

6 thoughts on “Debt Plan”

  1. I agree with the fact that when you have debts you should make a debt plan. I’m a calculated person. I love plans and I love to fallow a plan. Every time I had a plan I succeeded. I’m sure I will make a debt plan if I have problems with debts.

  2. If you fallow a debt plan I’m sure you will get rid of all your debts. If you have a plan you will try to stick with this plan. Even if that is hard you will struggle to fallow it. A debt plan is good whenever you are in trouble with debs. I will too make a debt plan if I need one

  3. It is good to know that there are many types of debt plan. And yes, it’s probably the best idea to follow a debt plan. You never know what life has to offer, as you said. Sticking to a debt plan is what many people forgot to do. Now, during the financial meltdown, they regret.

  4. Every bank should advise its clients to follow a debt plan. This way, it is easier for them affording paying back the loan. So maybe banks should hire consultants that actually can train people and teach about a good debt plan. Last time I took a loan, I received no piece of advice at all. That chick was useless, I swear to god.

  5. A debt plan should be made before getting a loan. Many start making a debt plan after getting it. Which is wrong. If you want to be able to always pay your debt, have a debt plan! It is good for you, if not great!

  6. Thanks God my husband is a banker. He was the one who made the debt plan before us taking a loan. And that was so perfect!! We did not panic when the recession kicked in. We know that paying back our debt was not in danger. Thanks to our debt plan!!

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